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This Community Resource Information System aims to provide an integrated approach to information access that focuses on a wide range of information access mediums (including reports and websites) in addition to the popular topic of GIS. The original compact disc 'toolbox' was based on the outcomes of a comprehensive community needs assessment, conducted by the Land Use Study Centre at the University of Southern Queensland in 2002. This ensured the system delivered relevant information that was useful to assist in making more informed natural resource management decisions.

"Working towards the equitable, efficient and sustainable use of water, land and other environmental resources of the Queensland Murray Darling Basin"

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The Queensland Murray-Darling Committee is excited to offer this new Open Data Portal, intended to easily provide data for public use. Our ultimate aim is to stimulate the development of innovative ideas, services, apps and natural resource management propositions by the local community.
While this site is still in Beta development, we will continue to build and curate its inventory and tailor our data to make it most useful for our users. Please bear with us as we continue to build our site.

If the information you want isn't available for download here, try one of our geoportal or download ready made pdf maps online.

QMDC Library services are available Online library, or call in to one of our offices in Goondiwindi, Roma or Toowoomba.

Using this site:

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find data relating to topics of interest. As you browse through the datasets, the extent of each will be displayed on the map. Once you find what you are looking for, select the data to be able to view the data and get options for download. Alternatively, click here for a current list of data.

Downloading Data

Data is offered for download in several ways: shapefiles or KML for GIS applications, CSV for tables and spreadsheets. Additionally, by using the API link, data from this site can be embedded in other applications with the feature service link or GeoJson.

How to cite this website

Blackley, RM (2014). Community Resource Information System (CRIS): Open Data Portal [Online]. Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Inc., Toowoomba QLD AU. Web-based ( accessed

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Why Open Data?

Open data is data made available for anyone to access use and share ODI. Find other datasets online from other sites such as:
-Open Data Institute Queensland
-Queensland Government QSpatial


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